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    The Golf Academy at Gold Canyon

The Golf Academy at Gold Canyon

The Golf Academy at Gold Canyon is nestled at the base of the picturesque Superstition Mountains. Gold Canyon Golf Resort & Spa is a stunning 36 hole facility, home to top rated Dinosaur Mountain and Sidewinder courses. The property also has 90 private casitas, and a beautiful spa.

The Golf Academy at Gold Canyon has a strong team of LPGA & PGA Golf Professionals ready to take your game to the next level.  Whether it is a single lesson, a weekly clinic or an in-depth golf school, any program can be customized to fit individual and group needs.

Our professional teaching staff has a multitude of programs to offer, specifically designed for all ages and skill levels. Our staff has the ability to identify key elements and strategies for each student, allowing for success and goals to be obtained. Each student will leave with a detailed plan for success, as a “one size fits all approach” does not work.  Each student is unique in swing type, physical abilities and skill level.

If you are looking to improve your game in a fun and relaxing atmosphere with golf professionals who have a proven track record of success, the Golf Academy at Gold Canyon should be your choice!


The Academy at Gold Canyon has created a comprehensive program that will provide a plan for development of each student. Our philosophy at the academy is a “one size fits all approach” does not work, each student is unique. Our half day school will have 4 hours of instruction that will provide the student with improvement drills and a practice plan that is personalized to them. The day will be broken down into two focal areas:

  • Full Swing: Irons & Woods with an emphasis on pre-shot routine/Alignment
  • Short Game: Chipping, Pitching, Putting & Bunker play
  • Includes Video analysis
  • Lunch included

Our instructors will provide an exceptional learning experience; identify swing flaws and corresponding fixes. (Accommodation pricing available upon request)


This is the ultimate learning experience, where you get to take your “range game” to the golf course! Our instructors understand that “application” is an important aspect for learning and development. The full day school covers the same topics as the half day school with the addition of 9 holes of golf with your instructor in the afternoon.

Take the learned techniques from the morning and apply in the afternoon, along with discussion of course management, shot selection and strategy.


Our instructors are available for a one on one session with a variety of packages to choose from.


  • Arlene Flynn

    Arlene Flynn

    LPGA Director of Instruction

    Arlene is a Class A LPGA golf professional with over 29 years of experience in the golf industry. Arlene hails from north of the border in Canada where she began playing at the age of 13 under the tutelage of her father. Arlene played extensively as a junior and amateur, in the eastern provinces of Canada.

    Arlene moved to Ontario in late 80”s where she earned her Canadian PGA card and spent 20 years at Hidden Lake Golf & Country Club in Burlington, Ontario, as the 1st Assistant and Director of Instruction. Arlene obtained her LPGA Class A status in 2004, with the intention of coming south of the border for a year round golf season, which she did in 2013, and now calls Arizona home.

    Arlene has a clear and concise teaching philosophy and how the golf swing can work. A golf swing is like a fingerprint, it is unique to each player. No two golfers swing exactly the same. Golfers may have different limitations as to what our bodies will allow or not allow us to do. This may be due to injuries, body composition, or age related issues. Arlene does not believe in changing a swing, but take what you have and make it work more effectively. Arlene has a strong belief in having equipment that properly fits a golfer’s swing, thus allowing for the opportunity to reduce scores and be a more consistent ball striker.

    Arlene has a variety of lesson packages/clinics/golf schools to choose from for all skill levels. If you would like to improve you game and scores, contact Arlene at Gold Canyon Golf Resort.

    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 480-982-9449 X2
  • Terry L. Evans

    Terry L. Evans

    Terry L. Evans – PGA Lifetime Member

    Having instructed individuals and groups since 1985 and having taught up to 501 John Jacobs Golf School student in one year, my philosophy can be summed up in K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Student. The more complicated a student makes his or her swing, the less results he or she achieves. Being a life member of the PGA I have had many opportunities to discuss golf theories with the best in the business. Solid impact is always the goal and how we get there is truly INDIVIDUAL. The ability to change is the toughest technique to teach a student. Club fitting can be broken down into two important requirements. Shaft flex must fit swing speed and lie angle must be found to fit the angle of approach no matter what fitting method is used.

    Having taught in Mexico and Canada as well as across the United States, I have found most students want corrections before they understand what is happening at impact. Therefore, G.A.S.P i.e. Grip Aim Stance Posture (set up routine) must be taught first, since controlling the swing is 80% set up ( where most corrections are made) and 20% the actual swing. Errors fall into many categories and I have corrected them all. I am still looking for that truly unique swing to fix. Instruction should be fun as well as constructive. Results are a guarantee!

  • Katie Paulson

    Katie Paulson

    Katie Paulson - LPGA Professional

    Katie is 34 years of age and moved to Arizona in 2016 from South Dakota where she was born and raised. Katie took up the game at a young age and has been playing golf for over 24 years. Katie is an LPGA professional and is currently working towards obtaining her Class A status.

    Katie's passion is golf, she has been teaching for 4 years but has also been a PGA Jr. coach and loves helping junior players develop their skills. Katie has the ability to work with players of all skill levels. Katie focuses on how her students learn and then adapts her teaching style to each students individual needs.

    Katie utilizes video as a component of her lessons to better assist her students to get the most out of their lessons. Katie puts an emphasis on a warm up routine and proper nutrition with all her students.

    You can contact Katie by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone 605-760-3894

  • Russell Herndon

    Russell Herndon

    Russell Herndon, PGA, USAF Veteran

    Russ is a Professional Coach to numerous women Tour Players, Club & City Champions, and players of every skill level with over 30 years of teaching experience including working for Sir Nick Faldo as one of his senior instructors.

    He is a Certified PGA Professional for Teaching and Coaching, one of less than 600 among the 28,000 PGA Members.

    Russ uses an individualized teaching approach, using the latest in video software (https://v1sports.com/athletes/v1-golf-app/) as well as individualized drills that can assist his students to break through any plateau.

    You can view some of his instructional video's via http://russherndongolf.com/videos.htm