Course Conditions


JULY 2016

We will be doing aerofication of some roughs, fairways and greens surrounds in the month of June & July as we transition to summer bermuda grass. Please note below that we will be aerating and top dressing greens in the month of July. Dates are below.
Call the Golf Shop directly if you have a question (480) 982-9449 EXT 2

2016 Golf Course Maintenance Schedule

Summer Greens Aerification & Top Dressing
Sidewinder Course
Closed Tuesday July 5 - Friday July 8
Dinosaur Mountain Course
Closed Monday July 18 - Thursday July 21
**Expect greens to be bumpy and slow for up to 2 weeks following this process**

Fall Overseeding Schedule

Sidewinder Course
**Prepping Sept 19 - Sept 25 (Course will be closed Mon 9/19 - Thurs 9/22)
Closed Sept 26 - Oct 13
Re-opens Fri Oct 14th ~ Expect conditions to be slow & wet for up to 2 weeks

Dinosaur Mountain Course
**Prepping Oct 10 - Oct 16
Closed Oct 17 – Nov 3
Re-opens Fri Nov 4th ~ Expect conditions to be slow & wet for up to 2 weeks
**Prepping involves turning the water off and drying out the golf course. The golf course maintenance staff will be working throughout the week cutting (scalping) the grass very short, blowing and vacuuming grass clippings. Conditions will be brown, dusty, dry and fast. Allergy Alert!

All Golf Carts will be restricted to the cart path after the courses re-open until the grass is strong enough to handle normal wear and tear from golf cart traffic.
This can take up to 8 - 10 weeks after the course opens.